NIME-02 Welcome and Introduction

     The Edge of NIME - from Cult to Conference - Joe Paradiso
     Gestural Control of Computer-Based Musical Instruments - Sile O'Modhrain


Session 1 - Saturday

An Interface for Precise Musical Control

Huott R.

'PegLegs in Music' - Processing the Effort Generated by Levels of Expressive Gesturing in Music

McElligott L., Dixon E., Dillon M.

Audiopad: A Tag-based Interface for Musical Performance

Patten J., Recht B., Ishii H.

JAM-O-WORLD: Evolution of the Jam-O-Drum into the Jam-O-Whirl Gaming Interface

Blaine T., Forlines C.


Session 2 - Saturday

Multi-instrument virtual keyboard - the MIKEY project

Oboe R., De Poli G.

The vBow: Development of a Virtual Violin Bow Controller Haptic Human-Computer Interface

Nichols C. (see also

The PLANK: Designing a simple Haptic Controller

Verplank B., Gurevich M., Mathews M.

Cutaneous Grooves: Composing for the Sense of Touch

Gunther E., Davenport G., O'Modhrain S.


Session 3 - Saturday

Multimodal Interaction in Music Using the Electromyogram and Relative Position Sensing

Tanaka A., Knapp RB.

Interdisciplinary Applications of New Instruments

Baumann A., Sanchez R. (see also

Playing on Heart-Strings: Experiences with the 2Hearts system

McCaig G., Fels S.

Tongue 'n' Groove

Vogt F., McCaig G., Adnan Ali M., Fels S.


Session 4 - Saturday

The Hyperbow Controller: Real-Time Dynamics Measurement of Violin Performance

Young D.

Noisegate 67 for Metasaxophone: Composition and Performance Considerations of a New Computer Music Controller

Burtner M.

The Electronic Tabla Controller

Kapur A., Essl G., Davidson P., Cook P.

The Mutha Rubboard Contoller: Interactive Heritage

Wilkerson C., Ng C., Serafin S. (see also

A Structured Instrument Design Approach: The Video-Organ

Bongers B., Harris Y.


Session 5 - Sunday

A low-cost Sonar Interface for Unobtrusive Man-Machine Interfacing

Taelman J.

AtoMIC Pro: A Multiple Sensor Acquisition Device

Flety E.

Creating a Context for Musical Innovation: A NIME Curriculum

D'Arcangelo G.

The Beatbug Network: A Rhythmic System for Interdependent Group Collaboration

Weinberg G., Aimi R., Jennings K.


Session 6 - Sunday

Creating Sustained Tones with the Cicada's Rapid Sequential Buckling Mechanism

Smyth T., Smith J.

Tooka: Exploration of Two Person Instruments

Fels S., Vogt F.

The Termenova: A Hybrid Free-Gesture Interface

Hasan L., Paradiso J., Yu N.

A Digital Emulator of the Photosonic Instrument

Arfib D., Dudon J.

Afasia: The Ultimate Homeric One-Man-Multimedia-Band

Jorda S.


Session 7 - Sunday

Introducing Composed Instruments: Technical and Musicological Implications

Schnell N., Battier M.

MetaMuse: Metaphors for Expressive Instruments

Gadd A., Fels S.

The Importance of Parameter Mapping in Electronic Instrument Design

Hunt A., Wanderley M., Paradis M.

Interactive Systems Design: A KANSEI based Approach

Camurri A., Trocca R., Volpe G.



Circular Optical Object Locator

Hankins T., Merrill D., Robert J.

The Musical Box Garden

Ferris K., Bannon L.

Musical Navigatrics: New Musical Interactions with Passive Magnetic Tags

Pardue L., Paradiso J.

Intimate Musical Control of Computers with a Variety of Controllers and Gesture Mapping Metaphors

Wessel D., Wright M., Schott J.

Bi-manual mapping experimentation, with angular fundamental frequency control and sound color navigation

Kessous L.

A Scanned Synthesis virtual instrument

Couturier JM.

The Virtual Bodhran - The Vodhran

Marshall M., Rath M., Moynihan B.

Music Software Interfacing and 3D Navigation

Wynnychuk J., Porcher R., Brajovic L., Brajovic M., Platas N. (see also

Interactive Gesture Music Performance Interface

Ng K.

IXI Software

IXI Software.

Amorphoscapes & Soundtoys


Fusing Movement, Sound, and Video in Falling Up, an Interactive Dance/Theatre Production

Winkler T.

Experimental Controllers for Live Electronic Music Performance (vs.Copyright)

Bernard D.

Adaptive Hyperinstruments: Applying Evolutionary Techniques to Sound Synthesis and Performance

Mandelis J.

'Gestation' Installation

Paine G.

Circles and Seeds: Adapting Kpelle ideas about music performance for collaborative Digital Music performance

Griffith N., Hammond E., O'Leary S., O'Modhrain S., O'Shea D.



Instruments, Interactivity, and Inevitability

Machover T.

The Limitations of Mapping as a Structural Descriptive in Electronic Instruments

Chadabe J.



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