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STEIM presents on monday, 30th august at 20.30:

"Interactive Media Art with Biological Interfaces"

by Yoichi Nagashima

This open lecture/demo is a report of research and experimental applications of human-computer interaction in multi-media performing arts, in which Professor Yoichi Nagashima will introduce his original interfaces, especially biological/physiological sensor based systems. These include a 16-channel electromyogram sensor called "MiniBioMuse-III" and its application work called "BioCosmicStorm-II", the sensing/reacting with "breathing" in the performing arts of Japanese traditional instrument "SHO", a 8-channel electric-feedback system and its experiments of "body-hearing sounds" and "body-listening to music". Many sample movies and a demonstrations/performances will be shown.

Biographical note:

Yoichi Nagashima is a composer/researcher/PE and was born in Japan. His training included traditional instrumental and performed practice as a conductor. As the engineer of Kawai Musical Instruments, he developed the sound generator LSIs, as well as further electronic musical instruments and musical softwares.
From 1991 he has been the director of "Art & Science Laboratory" in Hamamatsu /Japan, which has produced many interactive tools of real-time music performance with sensor/MIDI and cooperates with researchers and composers alike.
Since 2000 he holds the position of associate professor at SUAC (Shizouka University of Art and Culture), Faculty of Design, Department of Art and Science, where he teaches multi-media, computer music and media-art.
As a composer of computer music, he collaborates with many musicians and compositions include works for Piano, Organ, Percussion, Vocal, Flute, Sho, Koto, Shakuhachi, Dance.

He has organized and was the General Chair of NIME04

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