Nagoya to Hamamatsu

Dear *****,

> could you probably tell me what a train ticket
> from Nagoya Airport to Hamamatsu would cost?

When you arrived at Nagoya Airport, please
travel to Hamamatsu below.

Nagoya Airport --> Nagoya Station (JR)
Rimusine Bus 870YEN, about 30 minutes
interval : 20min

There are many "Nagoya" stations, please
choose "JR" line station.
(DO NOT select "Meitsteu", "Kintetsu")
"JR Nagoya" and "JR Shinkansen Nagoya" are
both OK.

Nagoya --> Hamamatsu (JR)

JR Tokaido Line
1890YEN, about 2hours
Some trains will go directly, some trains
will go 
Nagoya --> Toyohashi(exchange) --> Hamamatsu
interval : 20min

JR Tokaido Shinkansen (special express) 
4890YEN(=1890+express2920), 50min
interval : 30min

Please choose you hope.

I do not know the your arrival time of Nagoya
Airport.   Above info. is daytime(8:00-19:00) only.


Yoichi Nagashima

Narita to Hamamatsu

Dear *****,

Hello !

>I am having trouble, however, getting information about trains in 
>Japan.  Both to/from Narita -> Tokyo and to/from Tokyo -> Hamamatsu.  Do 
>you know how much a train to/from both locations costs?  Also, how long 
>it takes for both?  If you know of a good web page to get that 
>information, that would also be very helpful.

There are some useful Webpages for travelling in Japan
(train, flight, hotel,etc) but all of them are in Japanese.
Everyday I search/reserve with the webpages.
I do not know English Webpage for Japanese Travel
information now, so if I will find the page, I will
inform you.


There are about 3-4 kinds of travel ways, but I think
only 1 way is convenient for oversea people. Other ways
are so difficult because you must change trains in some
crowded stations without English displays.

At Narita Airport, please go to 
"JR ticket" counter, and you should use JR line.
(Narita Airport has 2 different train line, JR and
Keisei Line.  Do not choose Keisei (SkyLiner))

You can buy there:
 - direct train ticket from Narita Airport to Hamamatsu
 - express ticket for "Narita Express" to Tokyo
 - express ticket for "Shinkansen" ("Kodama" or "Hikari")
	from Tokyo to Hamamatsu

(1) Narita Airport --> Tokyo
"NARITA EXPRESS" line, about 60min
interval - 2 trains / every hour

(Please be careful that Narita Express goes many stations,
Shinjuku, Yokohama, etc.  Please get off at Tokyo Station)

(2) Change trains at Tokyo Station
You will arrive at Tokyo Station at Sobu-Line platform,
B4F of Tokyo station, FAR from Shinkansen platform.
I know the route very well, but it takes about 12-15min
for me.  Then, I think you will take about 30min !
With the display "Shinkansen platform", you will
go up to ground-level (escalator or elevatoer), then
you will watch there are about 20 platforms.
The Tokaido Shinkansen is "dark blue" marked, please
do not choose "Tohoku/Joetsu Shinkansen" with
green display.
Tokaido Shinkansen platform is NO. 15-19, farest
from Sobu-Line platform.

(3) Tokyo --> Hamamatsu
"Tokaido Shinkansen" express
There are 3 types of JR "Tokaido Shinkansen" express,
"Nozomi" - all skips Hamamatsu, so you must not choose
"Hikari" - very few stops Hamamatsu (about 90min)
"Kodama" - all stops Hamamatsu (about 130min)
interval - 2 trains / every hour (Kodama)

The ticket will cost 10880yen, and if you choose
"non-reserved seat" for Shinkansen, the discount
will about 510yen.  In "Kodama", there are many
"non-reserved seat" cars, but in the evening there
are so crowded, then I suggest to choose reservation

There are many English Displays from Narita Airport
to Tokyo Station and Hamamatsu Station, and staffs
can understand English, I think.

I do not know the time of your arrival Japan/Hamamatsu,
but this is the most standard way.  Normally, I select
this way.


Yoichi Nagashima