NIME04 - Bus Tour to [ Yamaha / Roland / Kawai ]

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As pre/post events of NIME04, we invite you to the Bus Tour to [ Yamaha / Roland / Kawai ]. On this bus tour, all of transportation expenses and lunch are no charge. We apply and receive in order of registration. And if it becomes a capacity (30 persons), it will close.

There are two courses as bus tour. Please propose to participating registration separately, respectively. Since it is the tour for NIME04 participant from overseas fundamentally, the participating registration application from Japan serves as treatment of waiting for vacancies. An application of the other companies in the same trade should withhold.

Tour A [2nd Wed. June] --- Yamaha Toyooka / Kawai Ryuyo

YAMAHA Toyooka factory is the prime factory of wind instrument manufacture. KAWAI Ryuyo factory is the prime factory of grand piano manufacture, and also has a piano research institute.

Schedule[A] : 2nd Wed. June

10:25 Meeting place - Hamamatsu Station (Entetsu Department Store "Bambi Tour" stop)
10:40 Meeting place - SUAC entrance
11:20 - 13:50 Yamaha Toyooka Factory (with Lunch)
14:35 - 16:05 Kawai Ryuyo Factory / Piano Researh Lab.
16:45 Arrival place - Hamamatsu Station
17:00 Arrival place - SUAC entrance

Tour B [7th Mon. June] --- Roland R&D / Yamaha Headoffice

Roland R&D is the base which develops the electronic musical instrument of Roland, and also has the exhibition room of all the past Roland products. Yamaha Headoffice is immediately near the SUAC and has the head office and the manufacture factory of a piano.

Roland information - Tour[B] will enjoy not only Roland Musium of all Roland models, but also the Special mini Demo-Live of newest Roland models !

Schedule[B] : 7th Mon. June

09:00 Meeting place - Hamamatsu Station (Entetsu Department Store "Bambi Tour" stop)
09:10 Meeting place - SUAC entrance
10:00 - 12:20 Roland R&D (with Lunch)
13:10 - 14:40 Yamaha Headoffice
14:50 Arrival place - Hamamatsu Station
15:00 Arrival place - SUAC entrance

Map of the Meeting Place

To participants who completed the registration :

(1) Please be not late for meeting time. When scheduled time comes, it is regarded as cancellation and tour is left. There is no urgent telephone contact means on the day.

(2) Although there is the interpreter staff at some visiting places, an interpreter does not accompany fundamentally.

Registration for NIME04 Bus Tour

Registration is now closed. Thank you !