Thursday May 22nd 8:00 PM Friday May 23rd 8:00 PM Saturday May 24th 8:00 PM
Redpath Hall, 3461 McTavish Pollack Hall, 555 Sherbrooke West Pollack Hall, 555 Sherbrooke West
F.W. Murnau's Faust

Musical score and performance by The Wireless Duo - Denis James (Organ, Theremin) and Mark Goldstein (Buchla Lightning).

The Wireless Duo will perform their musical score during the screening of this silent movie masterpiece (1926) at Redpath Hall.

Concert featuring:

Digeridoo, Indian drum, guitar, all enhanced by sensors and computer-generated sounds.

Unusual musical interfaces including graphics tablets, pressure sensitive pads, and even human/biological interfaces.

Live internet performance between McGill and Princeton University

Performers: Andrew Brouse, Gary Scavone, Thomas Ciufo, Daniel Arfib, Loic Kessous, Jean-Michel Couturier, Perry Cook

Concert featuring:

Video cameras used to control sounds by tracking hand and arm movements

Traditional Turkish stringed instrument outfitted with sensors

EMG biological sensors, microphone stand controller

Live improvised FMOL performance, and many more!

Performers: John Young, Bob Gluck, Donna Hewitt, Joel Chadabe, Yoichi Nagashima, Sergi Jordà, Robin Davies

Tickets: each concert is $10 ($5 students). Call 514-398-4547 for ticket information.