New Interfaces for Musical Expression

Media Lab Europe, Dublin, Ireland, May 24-26 2002

Highlights from the talks, demos, and concerts

Keynote Address

MIT Media Lab's Tod Machover reviews his work on HyperInstruments

Friday Concert

Jacques Dudon and the Photosonic Disk synaesthesizer

Alternative controllers pioneer and STEIM founder Michel Waiswisz playing The Hands

Michel Waiswisz on "glitched handsonic" with vocals by Najib Cherradi

Electronic music pioneer David Wessel with the Situated Trio

Butch Rovan playing the Interactive Glove Controller

Saturday Talks and Demos

Robert Huott with the Kalimba and The Ski

Chilling to Cutaneous Grooves in the Vibrotactile Suit

Local Chair, Media Lab Europe's Sile O'Modhrain visits the Musical Box Garden

Tactex and Wacom interfaces were popular at NIME 02.

MLE and Limerick U.'s pressure sensing Sensor Floor and Sensor Chair

Axel Mulder demonstrating Infusion Systems I-Cube Interface and Sensors

Conference Chair Joe Paradiso with the passive magnetic tags developed by his group at the MIT Media Lab

Audiopad: Tangible Grooves from Hiroshi Ishii's group

The Thermenova - theremin from Planet X

The Vodhran - Limerick University's virtual bodhran

David Bernard explains the SKINS digital hand drum

Sid Fels and Bean entertain Sergi Jorda with the Tooka

Sachiyo trying out the CrackleBox - Michel Waiswisz' skin conductance sonifier

Here are two videoclips of the CrackleBox in action on the streets of Dublin:
cracklebox1.avi (3.4M), cracklebox2.avi (1.8M)

Diana Young shows off the HyperViolin

From Stanford U.'s CCRMA the mother of all washboards, the Mutha Rubboard.

Bert Bongers and Yolande Harris ponder a question from the audience

Saturday Concert

Atau Tanaka in Tibet

Here are two videoclips of Atau Tanaka's performance:
atau_tanaka1.avi (2.0M), atau_tanaka2.avi (2.6M)

Matthew Burtner and the Metasaxophone

Yolande Harris and Bert Bongers with the Video Organ

Leonello Tarabella playing his Imaginary Piano

Here are two videoclips of Leonello Tarabella's performance:
leonello_tarabella1.avi (3.0M), leonello_tarabella2.avi (3.7M)

Sunday Talks

Gideon D'arcangelo may be wondering:
"How many MIT engineers will it take to get my Mac to work with this video projector?"

Closing Keynote Address

A tired but happy looking Joe Paradiso introduces interactive electronic music pioneer Joel Chadabe

Open Discussion about NIME 03

Marcelo Wanderley: Dublin today, tomorrow the world!.