NIME-02 Conference Committees


Scientific Committee

Organising Committee

Curtis Bahn (USA)

Tina Blaine (USA)

Bert Bongers (Spain)

Richard Boulanger (USA)

Bill Buxton (Canada)

Antonio Camurri (Italy)

Joel Chadabe (USA)

Perry Cook (USA)

Sidney Fels (Canada)

Tomie Hahn (USA)

Andy Hunt (UK)

Sergi Jorda (Spain)

Teresa Marrin Nakra (USA)

Axel Mulder (Canada)

Kia Ng (UK)

Miller Puckette (USA)

Ivan Poupyrev (Japan)

Laetitia Sonami (USA)

Bill Verplank (USA / Italy)

Dave Wessel (USA)


Chairman Organising Committee: Joe Paradiso, MIT Media Lab (USA)

Chairperson Local Committee: Sile O'Modhrain, Media Lab Europe (Ireland)

Publications Coordinator: Mikael Fernström, University of Limerick (Ireland)

Concert Coordinator: Michael Alcorn, SARC Queen's University Belfast (N. Ireland)

Artistic Committee: Atau Tanaka, Sony CSL Paris (France)

Artistic Committee and Publicity: Todd Winkler, Brown University (USA)

Industry Liaison: Michael J. Lyons, ATR MIS Labs (Japan)

NIME 2003 Coordinator: Marcelo Wanderley, McGill University (Canada)


Conference Support and Coordination


Chief conference administrator and webmaster: Ciarán Casey, SARC Queen's University Belfast (N. Ireland)

Website and database support: Kimberly Schneider, Media Lab Europe (Ireland)

Demo Coordinator: Ed Hammond, Media Lab Europe (Ireland)