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Available Data Modes (Presets)

Muse can be configured by MuseIO in different ways by specifying “--preset <PRESET>” as an option on the command line. The following presets are available:

SPS = samples per second

Preset IDEEG ChannelsEEG DataAccelerometer DataNotch FilterCompressionBattery/Temp DataError DataDRL/REF Data
Consumer Presets10TP9, Fp1, Fp2, TP1010 bits @ 220HzNone60HzONNoneNoneNone
12TP9, Fp1, Fp2, TP1010 bits @ 220Hz50Hz60HzON0.1HzNoneNone
14TP9, Fp1, Fp2, TP1010 bits @ 220Hz50Hz60HzON0.1HzReal-time10bit @ 10Hz
Research PresetsADTP9, Fp1, Fp2, TP1016 bits @ 500Hz50HzOFFOFF0.1HzNoneNone
AETP9, Fp1, Fp2, TP10, DRL, REF16 bits @ 500Hz50HzOFFOFF0.1HzReal-timeIncluded in EEG packet