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MusePlayer is a utility for recording, replaying, rerouting, and converting EEG and accelerometer data from Interaxon Muse EEG devices. It can save to and convert between the native Muse datatype (.muse), Matlab (HDF5), CSV, and OSC replay formats.

It is an open source project. All the source code and examples are available on Bitbucket.

Currently muse-player supports the following inputs and outputs:

Supported inputs:
  • OSC network stream
  • OSC-replay file format
  • Muse file format v1
  • Muse file format v2
Supported outputs:

How to run it

Simply type "muse-player" followed by your desired input and output arguments. See below for a description of these arguments. You can also view this information by running muse-player with no arguments - it will be printed to your screen.

optional arguments:

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit

  -v, --verbose         Print status messages to stdout

  -q, --as-fast-as-possible

                        Replay input as fast as possible instead of using

                        original timing.

  -j, --jump-data-gaps  Replay input by omitting any data gaps larger than 1


  -n, --no--time--data  Replay input by omitting output of current timing



                        Filter data by path. e.g. -i /muse/dsp/elements/alpha


Input options:

  Only one type of input can be specified, but can be multiple files of the same type:

  -l [INPUT_OSC_PORT], --input-osc-port [INPUT_OSC_PORT]

                        Listen for OSC messages on this port (default:



                        Input from Muse file format.


                        Input from OSC-replay files.

Output options:

  One or more outputs can be specified:

  -s [OUTPUT_OSC_URL], --output-osc-url [OUTPUT_OSC_URL]

                        Output OSC messages to HOST:PORT (default:


  -F FILE, --output-muse-file FILE

                        Output to a Muse file

  -M FILE, --output-matlab-file FILE

                        Output to a Matlab file

  -O FILE, --output-oscreplay-file FILE

                        Output to an OSC-replay file

  -C FILE, --output-csv-file FILE

                        Output to an CSV file

  -D, --output-screen-dump

                        Output to the screen directly


    muse-player -f my_eeg_recording.muse -s osc.tcp://localhost:7887

        This will read in the file "my_eeg_recording.muse" and send those messages as OSC to port 7887.

    muse-player -l 5555 -M matlab.mat -s 5000

        This will receive OSC messages on port 5555, save them to file, and rebroadcast them to port 5000.


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